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Suisha Gardens is one of the largest Japanese restaurant in Canada, and Niagara's only Teppan Steakhouse. After a brief absence, the new Suisha Gardens re-opened in April 1997 at 5701 Lewis Avenue. It was originally located in Maple Leaf Village for 19 years, but was forced out with the building of Casino Niagara. The new and improved Suisha Gardens has a seating capacity of over 300, which includes a spacious lounge, a Sushi bar, 11 Teppan yakitables (Iron grill tables), a large Karaoke room, a Noodle Bar and a Japanese Style Bar & Grill (Izakaya).

The symbol of our restaurant, and part of its name is "SUISHA," Japanese for "waterwheel".

Japan long ago learned to utilize the power of the "SUISHA" for the benefit of its people. At first, the "SUISHA" was used in the milling of rice and wheat. Much later, the "SUISHA" provided electricity. In fact, even today, in rural areas of Japan, one can still discover the "SUISHA" turning as they have turned for centuries, providing the farmer with a dependable source of energy.

Few things are as soothing to the senses, especially on a hot summer afternoon, as the sight and sound of a waterwheel turning slowly and steadily as the water splashes down in a never-ending cascade.


I hope our SUISHA conveys to you something of our philosophy at the Suisha Gardens - to provide you with a relaxed environment in which to enjoy, time and again, our Japanese cuisine.

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