Our Teppan Chefs will amaze you with their flair and skill as they prepare your meal right in front of your eyes!

Operation Hours

Tuesday - Sunday

Dinner: 5pm - 9:30pm

*Teppanyaki tables available for dinner*

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Lunch: 12pm - 3pm

*Teppanyaki not available*

Monday: CLOSED



*Free parking available at the side of the building

(Free for dine in customer only)


Reservation Policy

We are committed to the health and safety of our customers and staff. Teppanyaki tables are available in the evening. We strongly recommend making reservations for the Teppan yaki tables, as well as Regular dining tables. We  ask that your group arrives on time as it will affect other reservations that evening.

RESERVATIONS FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE ARE REQUIRED.  No last minute reservations please!

As of September 22nd the Ontario government has mandated that every patron dining indoors must show proof of double vaccination plus two weeks from their last vaccination date to dine indoors. Patrons will need to show a valid government issued ID along with their proof of vaccination. 

Our staff appreciates your ongoing support during these uncertain times. Please remember that kindness does matter and our staff are following government guidelines. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Osechi ryori

Ring in the new year with Suisha's Osechi Ryori !

Osechi Ryori is $90 and must be pre-ordered by December 28 (Tues).  Receive a complimentary bottle of Ozeki Sake Dry.  Limited Quantities. 

All orders will be picked up on January 1st between 4pm - 5pm. 

Not available for dine-in.


Included in Osechi Ryori:  sashimi, nimono (simmered vegetables and chicken), kuri kinton (chestnut w/ sweet potato), namasu (pickled daikon and carrots), kombu maki (wrapped seaweed), ebi no umani (shrimp), datemaki (sweet omelette), kohaku kamaboko (red and white fish cake), kuromame (black soybeans), edamame (soybeans), tosani (bamboo shoots), kazunoko (herring roe).  

Suisha's water wheel
Suisha's water wheel

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Teppan yaki
Teppan yaki

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Family Platter A
Family Platter A

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Suisha's water wheel
Suisha's water wheel

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