The Ohara School

Ikebana means "giving life to flowers". It is generally interpreted as the art of Japanese flower arrangement, and has been practiced for more than 600 years. Originally, it was an offering of flowers placed on a temple alter in honor of Buddha. Today, ikebana has evolved into a highly stylized art form in which nature and humanity are brought together.

The first teachers and students of ikebana were priests and members of the nobility. As time passed, separate schools emerged, styles changed, and ikebana came to be practiced at all levels of society. The first of the modern schools was formed in the late 19th century by Ohara Unshin. Today, more than one million people all over the world study Ohara ikebana. The Ohara School generally uses moribana (piled-up flowers) in a shallow flat container. The school was started at a time when Western culture was heavily influential in Japan and the moribana style made good use of Western plants.

What sets ikebana apart from western floral arrangements is its use of "empty" space and asymmetrical forms. Simplicity and negative space are regarded as fundamental. A harmony between the materials, the container, and the place it is displayed is also important.


About Ayako Teshima Ayako

Ayako Teshima is a 4th Term Master with the Ohara School of Ikebana. She began her studies of ikebana when she was 23 years old with the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. Many year after she had immigrated to Canada she continued her training in Ottawa from 1994 with the Ohara School. Ayako Teshima has participated in many exhibitions, events and workshops in Ottawa, such as the Japan Festival in the Museum of Civilization. Since she has moved to Niagara Falls in 2000, she has been displaying her arrangements throughout Suisha Gardens Japanese Restaurant.



If you are interested in taking Ikebana lessons and learning about Japanese culture, please do not hesitate to contact Ayako Teshima. Lessons are in English or Japanese, or a mixture of both. Everyone is welcome -- women and men, young and old. Ikebana is a great way to relax and be creative.

Lessons are individualized in nature, with students getting personal instruction based on their current skill level. Students can enroll at any time, and book the dates they would like to attend below.

Lesson dates from January 2014:

Friday or Saturday T.B.A. 11am to 12pm
Friday or Saturday T.B.A. 11am to 12pm
Friday or Saturday T.B.A. 11am to 12pm
Friday or Saturday T.B.A. 11am to 12pm
Friday or Saturday T.B.A. 11am to 12pm
Friday or Saturday    
Friday or Saturday    

* Students must book their class time by TUESDAY, as it will affect the cost of floral materials.

* Lessons are held at Suisha Gardens Japanese Restaurant


Lesson Fees

Beginners and Advanced Level $15.00 (includes floral material)
1st and 2nd Assistant Teachers' Course $20.00 (includes floral material)
Instructors' Course $20.00 (includes floral material)
Masters 4th Term $30.00 (includes floral material)


* All tools and equipment (text, scissors, containers, kenzan) are available.


Gift Certificates

The perfect gift solution for someone who has everything. Ikebana lesson gift certificates are available at Niagara Kyo-Mart Japanese Food Store. $15.00 minimum.



Arrangement Services

Enjoying the beauty of flowers is common to all mankind. Japanese ikebana is a creative art bringing indoors the charm and beauty of landscapes, seashores or lakesides. Ikebana recreates nature on a reduced scale through the arrangements of all types of plant materials gathered from nature - from gardens, rivers, valleys. Flower arrangements thus do more than decorate our living space, they provide moral sustenance as well.

Ikebana Niagara can bring a sense of peace and beauty into your living space, office space, conference or special party. If you are interested in putting Ikebana creations at your venue, we can prepare arrangements especially for you. Each arrangement will be made specifically for your venue and the area you would like to place them. Call, email, or visit us at Niagara Kyo-Mart for a free consultation. During a personal interview, we will discuss your taste and the desired ambiance for the event.

Flowers for your home can create the perfect relaxed atmosphere. We adapt our choice of plant material to your character and taste.

Long lasting arrangements created for your entrance and reception area welcome clients and customers to your business--corporate, retail, hotel and restaurant establishments.

Silk-like ikebana arrangements are also available at Niagara Kyo-Mart.

peninsula peninsula2

A Contemporary arrangement displayed in Peninsula Inn & Resort

A Classical arrangement displayed in Peninsula Inn & Resort

silk silk
Silk-like arrangements Silk-like arrangements available at Niagara Kyo-Mart


Contact Us


5701 Lewis Avenue
Niagara Falls, ON, L2G 3R8, Canada
Tel: 905-357-9662
* lessons are held in Suisha Gardens Japanese Restaurant








Workshops are open to everyone. No ikebana experience necessary! Workshops are designed to give participants a taste of ikebana. Workshops will include a short introduction to Ikebana and then a hands-on lesson in putting an arrangement together.



Date: Sunday, December 22, 2013

Registration Required: Participants must register by Thursday, December 12, as it will affect the cost of floral materials. Payment can be made in cash or cheque. Space is limited. Please register early.

Fee: $40 (including flowers, materials, snacks and beverages). You can bring your arrangement home with you, creating the perfect atmosphere for your home just in time for the Christmas holidays.

To Bring: Please bring your own Kenzan (a metal pin frog). If you do not have a Kenzan, one can be purchased at Niagara Kyo-Mart or an Oasis will be provided instead. Garden sheers or ikebana scissors will be provided, however, participants are encouraged to bring their own sharp garden sheers.